Do I need a script assessment?

Do you feel stuck knowing your story is not quite right but have no idea why or how to proceed? It’s hard to step back and look at your work objectively when you’ve been close to it for so long. Having an outside eye read your script and providing unbiased feedback is incredibly valuable and has huge benefits, helping you refocus on what needs most addressing. 

Why choose All The Pigs?

All The Pigs pride ourselves on a reputation for excellence. We have a longstanding experience in manuscript assessments. Offering guidance and support, we believe writers should have access to script assessment services in order to better understand their writing, improve their story and receive clear, honest, and constructive feedback: highlighting what you’re doing right, what’s not working and understand why. We want you to feel better equipped to tackle the next draft of your work, empowering you as a writer.

We understand because we’re writers too!

We know how hard it can be for writers to gain useful feedback. It feels like feedback is only given to scripts being considered for development or if shortlisted for a competition. Script reports can be brief, vague, and misinterpreted, leaving you feeling confused and deflated, asking more questions than you had to begin with. You also don't know the experience, knowledge, and competence of those chosen to assess your work. We understand that this is an exposing process. Our sole intention is to help writers create a better draft of their work; by being encouraging, supportive, constructive, and inspire confidence. But it's also vital to understand, we believe for feedback to be valuable in the long-term, it's essential we are truth-telling. We focus on structure, characters, dialogue, story, theme, plot, and conflict. Letting you know what needs addressing, what needs removing, and what the strengths and weaknesses are, to make your script the best it can be.

We will NOT fix your script!

Only you can do that. But we will offer questions, suggestions, and strategies to investigate what works and what doesn’t. Only the writer can put these into practice. What we can tell you, with confidence, is having over 15 years of experience as writers and creatives, we’ve learned from making many mistakes, we’ve been script reporters for writing competitions, teach creative writing courses and had our scripts commissioned, we’re still active in the creative industry and are surrounded by many mentors, as well as being mentors ourselves.

How to Submit

Send us an email with your script attached as either a PDF or Word doc, using the heading Script Assessment.

Please ensure your script and text are in the correct format (page size A4, 12-point font, double spaced, with pages numbered.)


Scripts of up to 60 pages - £100

Scripts of between 61-120 pages - £175

Any additional pages are priced at £1 per page