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​We all have a favourite Pixar character. Pixar's characters, from Woody to Sadness to Mike Wazowski have a unique way of sticking with you, whether it's due to their hilarious banter or heartbreaking humanity. But what is it that Pixar does to make them so memorable?

4 Things Pixar Always Does to Create Memorable Characters

22 tips for storytelling.

22 Tips on Storytelling from Pixar

Find out about funding schemes, opportunities and activities in your area and how to contact your local talent executive.

BFI Funding Finder

Links to further writing Opportunities & Events through the Bruntwood website.

Bruntwood Opportunities & Events

Our mission is to open opportunities for everyone to create comedy. Bringing creators and fans together to launch exciting new shows. Enabling creators to make low cost, hilarious content that isn’t afraid to take risks, shock, and leave us in tears of laughter the way comedy should.

Comedy Crowd

Professional Development & Support for Writers

David Lane

There are many jobs available within the theatre industry. Maybe you’d be right for one of them? The Michael Grandage Company give a detailed description of the different types of jobs available in the theatre industry.

Different types of jobs in the Theatre Industry

House Theatre have put together a section to support best working practice in touring and the wider theatre sector. All resources featured can be shared and downloaded for free.

House Resources

If you’re going to write a story worthy of your amazing character, the first thing you have to do is learn how to write character arcs that resonate with your readers and leave them gasping, cheering, or crying.

How to Write Character Arcs

Arguably the most important portion of your story is the opening. This is where you must seduce your readers and audiences as you draw them into the world you’ve created. And this is where you must introduce us to the hero/heroine/protagonist of your story, creating immediate empathy and identification with this character.

Introducing Your Heroes

In the outstanding film HIDDEN FIGURES, screenwriters Allison Schroeder and Theodore Melfi faced the formidable task of immediately introducing their three major characters, and making them unique and memorable. All three are African American women about the same age, and all three are scientists working at NASA.

Make Your Characters Distinct

Mary Coleman, a Pixar senior development executive, shares details about how it all comes together -- revealing some surprising and enlightening things.

Pixar's Story Development Process

A plot is not a story, nor does every story have a strong plot. Good writers know the importance of both plot and story. Plots are events, stories reveal how characters react to those events.

Plots and Stories

The Royal Literary Fund is a UK charity that has been helping authors since 1790. It provides grants and pensions to writers in financial difficulty; it also places writers in universities to help students develop their writing.

Royal Literary Fund

Storytelling comes naturally to humans, but since we live in an unnatural world, we sometimes need a little help doing what we'd naturally do.

Story Structure 104

What makes a story great?  What makes someone a good storyteller? Storytelling is something we all do naturally, starting at a young age, but there’s a difference between good storytelling and great storytelling.

The Art of Storytelling

The Literary Consultancy is the UK's first and leading editorial and manuscript assessment service working nationally and internationally.

The Literary Consultancy

The Peggy Ramsay Foundation’s purpose is to help writers and writing for the stage. It was established in pursuance of this objective. The Peggy Ramsay Foundation seeks to perpetuate Peggy Ramsay’s ideals, by directly helping dramatists at very different stages of experience in ways which are determined to keep as quick and unbureaucratic as possible.

The Peggy Ramsay Foundation

Tension and suspense are powerful emotional experiences that occur in a wide variety of contexts. However, the psychological underpinnings of tension experiences remain largely unexplained, and tension and suspense are rarely discussed from a general, domain-independent perspective.

Understanding Tension and Suspense

The BFI give a break down of what makes a story a film noir.

What makes a film noir?

Free to enter opportunities from organisations outside the BBC which are for novel writing, short stories, poetry etc.​

Writers Room Opportunities

What Is Your Motivation?

Does Your Character Know They're Evil?

How Do You Remain at Large?

Can You Work as Part of a Team?

How Far Will You Go?

5 Tips for Playing Better Evil Characters

A comprehensive glossary is provided as a reference for novices learning the craft of screenwriting or professionals with a limited understanding of film-financing and production terminology.

A Glossary Of Screenwriting Terms & Filmmaking Definitions


BFI Network

Bruntwood share provocations, tips, tutorials and advice all with the aim of helping you shape and develop your writing practice. Each resource approaches things from their writers own perspective – so take from each one what you like!

Bruntwood Writing Resources

Common Theatre has compiled some brilliant resources and initiatives run by other arts organisations, which are very useful to sign up to when building a career in theatre.

Common Resources

The most powerful and persuasive stories don’t simply entertain or enlighten – they challenge their readers and audiences to transform – to find the courage to change their thoughts and behaviors in order to achieve a more fulfilling, loving and self-defined existence.

Delivering a Powerful Theme

In storytelling, everything builds up to the climax. Every plot point, every reversal, every conflict exists for this one moment in the film where the intense pressure and tension finally releases and the entire story takes a turn toward a final resolution. When deciding how to build your story up to this crucial point, you have to keep a couple of things in mind.

Elements of Storytelling

How Plot can help you write your story.

How to create a compelling, character-driven plot

It is only because we’ve already been introduced to these characters, and their desires and conflicts, that the surprise element gets us to feel something.

Increasing the Impact of Surprise

Vonnegut’s many thoughts on writing have been widely shared, taught, studied and adapted because his advice tends to be straightforward, generous, and (most importantly) right.

Kurt Vonnegut’s Greatest Writing Advice

Guiding and supporting the theatre-makers of the future.

Michael Grandage Company Bursaries

A support and development opportunity for emerging writers.


At the beginning of your screenplay, your hero should be in a state of inertia — settling for a life that may be emotionally safe and tolerable, but that lacks passion, risk and fulfillment. Her life might be filled with activity and even give the illusion that she’s striving for something, but all this effort is ultimately going nowhere. In other words, your hero should be stuck.

Revealing Your Hero's Wound

Becca Puglisi’s examines how to ratchet up conflict and tension using setting.

Setting as a Vehicle for Conflict

We discuss key components of tension experiences and propose a domain-independent model of tension and suspense. We also discuss possible neural mechanisms underlying tension and suspense. The model provides a theoretical framework that can inform future empirical research on tension phenomena.

Tension and Suspense

The Audience Agency is a mission-led charity: Its purpose is to enable cultural organisations to use their national data to increase their relevance, reach and resilience.

The Audience Agency

A Blog post discussing the Positives and Negatives of a 3 Act Structure.

The Myth of the 3 Act Structure

Jeff Goldsmith interviews screenwriters and filmmakers alike about their creative process!

The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

Reveals some of her comedy construction methods, tips, tricks and techniques.

Victoria Wood's rules of comedy

Good execution means keeping a character’s personality traits consistent. Even a relatively subtle change to the rules and boundaries set for comedy characters can make a big difference.

What went wrong with The Simpsons

Aimie K. Runyan’s post on using multiple points of view. 

10 Tips to Writing from Multiple POVs

A master class in editing from a guy who loves talking about his craft and sharing with his colleagues in the industry.

Art of the Cut

The Prize is an opportunity for writers of any background and experience to enter unperformed plays to be judged by a panel of industry experts for a chance to win part of a prize fund.

Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting

Blaps are a name that Channel 4 has given to short comedy videos. They are a way for the commissioning channel to test how successful a show will be and to start building an audience before committing to a full TV series. 

C4 Comedy Blaps

You could get a Dance and Drama Award (DaDA) to help with fees and living costs at one of 17 private dance and drama schools.

Dance & Drama Awards

Developing your Creative Practice is a new development fund designed to support independent creative practitioners to ensure excellence is thriving in the arts and culture sector. This fund will create more pathways for individuals, from a range of creative practices and backgrounds. 

Developing your Creative Practice

An interactive look into the history of film genre popularity over the last 100+ years.

Film Genre Popularity of the Past 100 Years

Next to the positive change arc, the flat character arc is the most popular storyline. Also called the “testing arc,” the flat arc is about a character who does not change. He already has the Truth figured out in the beginning of the story, and he uses that Truth to help him overcome various external tests.

How to Write a Flat Character Arc

All stories are built on a foundation of three basic components: character, desire, and conflict. A hero or protagonist desperately wants something and must overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve it.

Inner Conflict

A resource for writers on the latest opportunities they can get involved with.

London Playwrights Blog

Different video interviews from writers on their approach to writing.

Papatango Theatre Online Workshops on writing

Wanting to find a story idea? The Plot Generator can create some ideas for you, all at the touch of a button.

Plot Generator

How does the process of writing a Rick and Morty episode look like?

Rick and Morty writer’s room

James Cameron’s screenplay Avatar is an outstanding example of using many structural tools and devices successfully in one script.

Story Structure

Fiction is built on the emotional power of DESIRE, CONFLICT and define a VISIBLE goal that the protagonist is desperate to achieve. The pursuit of this goal defines your story concept, determines plot structure, and is the necessary through-line from which your hero’s INNER journey and story’s theme will emerge.

The 5 Requirements For a Hero's Outer Motivation

There are tons of storytelling-related books and websites in the cosmos and there is no shortage of people giving story advice and tips. Much of the advice is helpful, but the enormous volume of information related to writing or telling better stories can be overwhelming.

The Key to story structure in two words: Therefore & But

Its aim is to award grants to educational and development projects across the Arts and to continue the keen interest Coward himself took in charitable work during his lifetime.  The Foundation is proud to support a diverse range of outstanding organisations working in theatre, music, playwriting, academic research and many other areas.

The Noël Coward Foundation

The Space helps artists and organisations make great art and reach new audiences digitally.

The Space

Who we support: 

Community-led projects that involve people with the science that shapes their lives. 

Innovative projects in the creative industries. 

Investing in organisations, to help them become more financially sustainable.

Partnerships with organisations that can reach a range of different audiences.


A free resources site for writers offering different tools to help them with their story. Including useful books, links to writing resources, writing coaches, tips, descriptive thesaurus lists, events and workshops.​

Writers Helping Writers