by Daniel Hallissey


Tristan Bates Theatre 2018


When best friends Charlie and Graham capture an intruder in their home they’re left with a simple decision, let him go, or cheese-grate his face off. ‘We Caught A Burglar’ is a three-hander dark comedy that explores the worlds we create to feel safe and how we deal with being forced to leave them. 

“I must congratulate you on ‘We Caught A Burglar’. A delightful play”

Alan Harris, Playwrite

“Great writing. Very funny, odd-ball and gripping.”

Brian Fenton, Associate Producer, Druid Theatre

We Caught A Burglar

by Daniel Hallissey


Sold-out run at Vault Festival 2017


A political satire that looks at a nation searching for an identity, where the newly established country, Cornwall, has to make fundamental decisions in the chaos of uncertainty. We witness dreams being sold and dismantled and borders collapsing in the brink of war… this razor-sharp comedy explores how liberty and the essence of a country can very quickly be chipped away, one Cornish pasty at a time.

“A very funny play with great characters and a strong, absurdist world”

Emily Moseley, Producer, Chipping Norton Theatre


“Great Concept, Great Writing”

Kieron Vanstone, Artistic Director, The Vaults


“Congratulations on Cornwall vs China. Couldn't stop laughing.”

Diana Nneka Atuona, Playwrite

Cornwall vs China

by Daniel Hallissey


2015 The Vaults EPOCH Presents 1985


A dysfunctional family decides to solve their problems by going on Family Fortunes.

Family Misfortune

Devised by All The Pigs 

National Tour 2015

When, in 2005, a shoeless, suited, soaking wet man was found wandering the Isle of Sheppey, off the Kent coast, he entranced the newspapers. Mute and suffering from amnesia, he only communicated through drawing. It was soon established he was a fine pianist and he was dubbed ‘the piano man’.

“The script is joyful”  The Stage

The Piano Man

by Daniel Hallissey

Hen & Chickens Theatre 2011


An AGM with only one agenda... "Save the World". The outcasts of society have joined together and formed a secret rebel force. When they stumble upon 'the chosen one', will they finally be able to rid the world of its rodent infestation? With mutiny in the ranks and time against them, is it too late to save the world as we know it?


Devised by All The Pigs 


New Diorama Theatre 2012 - 2014


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