Creative Writing Courses

Have you always wanted to write a story or already have a great idea? It could be a novel, screenplay or piece of theatre? You know what you want to write but don’t know where to start? Have you written material and would like to know how to improve your work and chances of publication?  


Our courses give you the tools and confidence to put your ideas into a framework that supports your writing. They are designed for both new writers and experienced writers. You will be introduced to the basic elements and key concepts that make a story.


What makes our courses different? Having attended many creative writing courses over the years we found they concentrate on encouraging writers to write, offering different exercises to find ways to inspire and get your story onto the page. This can seem useful, but it will not solve the writer's problem of understanding how a story works and inevitably lead back to writer's block and frustration.


We believe in the importance of understanding the elements of what makes a good story. We don't encourage you to write, we encourage you to plan. By knowing Structure, Character Arcs and Plot, you will learn the importance of how these elements are used and have a solid foundation to start writing. Our course will break everything down so you understand the journey a character must take and why, how each character fits into your story structure and how to create conflict and obstacles within your characters arcs. We look at the seven basic plots, how each plot is broken down and what each involves. You will come away from our course confident in how to plan and write your story and not worry again about writer's block.


"I really enjoyed the course and particularly found the first section on structure the most helpful."


"This was my first ever writing event and I really enjoyed the day ."


“I knew I was on the right course when you started by mentioning the brilliant Joseph Campbell!”


“Just to thank you for your course. My mind is still spinning! I found it so interesting.”


“Very impressed and dare I say motivated to start to get my writing organised.”


"I found your course both informative and enjoyable."


‪”I feel really happy with where I'm at with my book and even before the day had finished it was really becoming clear in my mind.”


"It was completely helpful for myself also for the project that I'm planning to do."


"I wanted to thank you for your excellent course. It made me realise where the holes are in my work and what I now have to do."