Sessions, Script Assessment & Creative Writing Course

Have you always wanted to write a story or have a great idea? You know what you want to write about but don’t know where or how to start? Have you written material and would like to know how to improve your work and chances of publication? Try our Online sessions, Script Assesments or Creative Writing Courses.

Book an Online Session

We understand how important and personal your story is. We will discuss all areas of your work and support you to create, plan, and strategies, to achieve your goal and find the best way to realise your vision. We’ve worked with writers of all levels of ability from beginners to professionals. Send us an email using the heading Online Session. We will then organise a free 15-minute consultation to see what you want to work on and then book you onto our next available and convenient slot. Before deciding how many online sessions you would like to book and how regularly you would like to have an online session it's handy to explore the options.  


1 Online Session - £30

Each Online Session is 1 hour and will be held over Zoom or Skype, or on the phone; whichever feels most comfortable and convenient for you. You can always book a one-off session to work on a specific issue. This can be useful if you have to make a decision for yourself or want to get clarity around a subject so you know how to move forward, or you might want to use the session to discuss a specific topic or idea. This option is also helpful if you have had a previous session with All The Pigs in the past and just want to discuss and reflect on one issue or just to top-up whatever you need. The session will be followed up by further information on the topics discussed and added to your Personal All The Pigs Google Document, only accessible to you, with constructive and practical notes on how to enhance your play’s concept, story, structure, genre, theme, plot, characters, and dialogue.

How it works

After sharing with All The Pigs about the topic you would like to address, together we will unpick your chosen story, clarifying what are the different areas we need to concentrate on and what are the options to move forward.

You can also buy blocks of hours in advance and then use the resource when you need it. These are the most commonly bought blocks:

5 Online Sessions Pack - £150

Five sessions can give a basic understanding of how you can use the right tools and strategies to support your story in a constructive way and help you direct your energy towards self-chosen goals.


How it works

There are several ways to go about it. We'll have a list of topics to discuss based on the free 15-minute consultation. You can also share challenging situations in your writing and unpick them together, growing your understanding. We will also attach tools and strategies to these practical situations, which you can try out. Evaluating how it worked in the next session will help you to adapt the tools and strategies so they work best in your personal unique story.

10 Online Sessions Pack - £300

If you are aiming for longer-term committed support and want to explore more in-depth how you would like to move forward, and are looking for a knowledgeable and experienced mentor, a Ten Session Pack might be just right for you.

How it works

Together with All The Pigs, you will clarify what your aims are within the sessions, so we can stays on track and regularly evaluate if this journey is still in the right direction or your idea and aims have been adjusted

Frequency of the Sessions

Online Sessions can be planned beforehand in one go if it suits to have a routine. If you would like to have the sessions with a week interval it would be advisable to book in advance. We can also be flexible and make the next appointment at the end of the session depending on your personal needs and agenda.

"I spent five and a half years struggling with my second play. In the end, frustrated and at the end of my rope I brought it to Danny. His patience and attention to detail really helped me see where I was going wrong. I'm massively grateful to him."  Diana Nneka Atuona -playwright



Script Assessment

Do I need a script assessment?

Do you feel stuck knowing your story is not quite right but have no idea why or how to proceed? It’s hard to step back and look at your work objectively when you’ve been close to it for so long. Having an outside eye read your script and providing unbiased feedback is incredibly valuable and has huge benefits, helping you refocus on what needs most addressing. 

Why choose All The Pigs?

All The Pigs pride ourselves on a reputation for excellence. We have a longstanding experience in manuscript assessments. Offering guidance and support, we believe writers should have access to script assessment services in order to better understand their writing, improve their story and receive clear, honest, and constructive feedback: highlighting what you’re doing right, what’s not working and understand why. We want you to feel better equipped to tackle the next draft of your work, empowering you as a writer.

We understand because we’re writers too!

We know how hard it can be for writers to gain useful feedback. It feels like feedback is only given to scripts being considered for development or if shortlisted for a competition. Script reports can be brief, vague, and misinterpreted, leaving you feeling confused and deflated, asking more questions than you had to begin with. You also don't know the experience, knowledge, and competence of those chosen to assess your work. We understand that this is an exposing process. Our sole intention is to help writers create a better draft of their work; by being encouraging, supportive, constructive, and inspire confidence. But it's also vital to understand, we believe for feedback to be valuable in the long-term, it's essential we are truth-telling. We focus on structure, characters, dialogue, story, theme, plot, and conflict. Letting you know what needs addressing, what needs removing, and what the strengths and weaknesses are, to make your script the best it can be.

We will NOT fix your script!

Only you can do that. But we will offer questions, suggestions, and strategies to investigate what works and what doesn’t. Only the writer can put these into practice. What we can tell you, with confidence, is having over 15 years of experience as writers and creatives, we’ve learned from making many mistakes, we’ve been script reporters for writing competitions, teach creative writing courses and had our scripts commissioned, we’re still active in the creative industry and are surrounded by many mentors, as well as being mentors ourselves.

How to Submit

Send us an email with your script attached as either a PDF or Word doc, using the heading Script Assessment.

Please ensure your script and text are in the correct format (page size A4, 12-point font, double spaced, with pages numbered.)



Creative Writing Course

Our courses give you the tools and confidence to put your ideas into a framework that supports your writing. They are designed for both new writers and experienced writers. You will be introduced to the basic elements and key concepts that make a story.


What makes our courses different?

Having attended many creative writing courses over the years we found they concentrate on encouraging writers to write, offering different exercises to find ways to inspire and get their story onto the page. This can seem useful, but it will not solve the writer's problem of understanding how a story works and inevitably lead back to writer's block and frustration. We believe in the importance of understanding the elements of what makes a good story. We don't encourage you to write - one thing we can promise is, we will never tell you to 'just start writing' - we encourage you to plan. By knowing Structure, Character Arcs, and Plot, you will learn the importance of how these elements are used and have a solid foundation to start writing. Everything we teach is functional, structured and champions our ethos that stems from our explorations in mathematics, geometry, and musicality of storytelling. Our course will break everything down so you understand the journey a character must take and why, how each character fits into your story, how to create conflict and obstacles, a look at how each major plot is broken down and the importance of structure. You will come away from our course confident in how to plan and move forward with your story and not worry again about writer's block. Our next Creative Writing Course: time, price, location and dates TBC.

"I really enjoyed the course and particularly found the first section on structure the most helpful." - Course attendee

"This was my first ever writing event and I really enjoyed the day ." - Course attendee


“I knew I was on the right course when you started by mentioning the brilliant Joseph Campbell!” - Course attendee


“Just to thank you for your course. My mind is still spinning! I found it so interesting.” - Course attendee


“Very impressed and dare I say motivated to start to get my writing organised.” - Course attendee


"I found your course both informative and enjoyable." - Course attendee


‪”I feel really happy with where I'm at with my book and even before the day had finished it was really becoming clear in my mind.” - Course attendee


"It was completely helpful for myself also for the project that I'm planning to do." - Course attendee


"I wanted to thank you for your excellent course. It made me realise where the holes are in my work and what I now have to do." - Course attendee