All The Pigs Origins

All The Pigs theatre company began in 2010 out of the minds of a group of drama students that had aspirations to change the world one show at a time. Over the years and after many successes, the team went their separate ways. 2016 saw the appointment of new Artistic Director Daniel Hallissey. 

For Daniel, writing has been a lifelong passion, so when the opportunity arose to take over as Artistic Director, Daniel was excited to drive forward with a new vision and fresh direction. All The Pigs was reborn.

All The Pigs Ethos

Excellence and hard work have always been the driving force behind All The Pigs longevity. We set out to Create, Develop, and Share. We strive to ensure our shows reflect our core value of creating a discussion that lasts outside the performance and our central belief that; we have the power to change.


Our approach to creating stories continues to evolve. Finding new styles and techniques to help build on our current process and understanding, collaborating with highly skilled creatives to make exceptional work, making our shows engaging and of the highest standard.

Theatre has become expensive, sometimes inconvenient to attend, and can feel targeted towards certain social classes. Figuring out what purpose theatre has in modern times is challenging and exciting. Why, when audiences have screen-based home entertainment at their fingertips, would they come out to the theatre? To figure this out we’ve learned that, yes, it is entertainment, but it’s also about the idea that theatre tells stories which talk about our time, give us some truth that deepens our understanding of who we are, shares in emotions, and makes us ask questions. We connect with stories far better than we do facts. Stories give us insight, insight gains our empathy, and with empathy comes compassion. Stories told at the right time in someone's life, can have a profound effect on their future. We connect far better surrounded by others than alone. We understand the importance of community and enjoying an experience with others. It's a powerful feeling. With the increase each year of connectedness, there is also an increase in isolation and feeling alone. Theatre will be where we go, not only to experience a live moment but also to be surrounded by other people, to feel a sense of togetherness you won't be able to feel from your screen-based home entertainment.

We believe theatre can play a role in creating a conversation, by seeking to understand the rules and commonalities that govern our lives to create thought-provoking narratives and characters. We learn about ourselves, our culture, and our society by watching plays. We understand how it's sometimes difficult to see where we go wrong; from care, identity, relationships, politics, family, business, education and many more, but by holding up a mirror and having the opportunity to look from the outside in, seeing experiences of others, their choices, mistakes, and understanding, we can change the way we think, feel, and behave, to make better choices, thoughts, and relationships. Theatre can achieve this through carefully crafted language, music, design, and movement to tell stories in imaginative ways.

All our shows are original work. We take pride in creating emotional connections. Our themes feature social, mental, philosophical, and political commentary, using satire, comedy, farce, realism, and drawing on true experiences. We champion topics that can make people feel uncomfortable, taking them outside their comfort zone, but still find the humor and pathos.


We pride ourselves on exploring new techniques and processes. We look into how we explore, explain, create, develop, and share stories for our audience's experience and let them leave feeling they can improve themselves having gained a sense of understanding and knowledge. We achieve this by challenging the status quo, not preaching.

Our approach to story is through biomimicry, physics, mathematics, and geometrical techniques. We use diagrams, shapes, patterns, and careful planning, long before we start writing any dialogue. Every detail of our work is intricately engineered and crafted, down to the finest detail, whilst still staying true and honest to our creative instincts. We continue to learn and understand the human condition: What makes us tick? What happens to our brain on music? How does light affect our mood? How do tension and suspense affect the body and mind? What are the building blocks that create a thought, feeling, emotion, and reaction? What happens in the brain to create empathy? By having greater knowledge of how we think, feel, and behave, we can create a higher standard of show.